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Company Profile

GRANDHAN (SZ) Microelectronics company

Company Profile

   GRANDHAN (SZ) Microelectronics company., Ltd. was established in August 2018 as the subsidiary of Huizhou BESTGRAND Holdings Co., Ltd.. GRANDHAN (SZ) Co focuses on the algorithm scheme and integrated circuit design in the field of image vision technology. GRANDHAN (SZ) Co also can provide the one-stop chip solution which include vision algorithms, software and hardware Integrated. 

   GRANDHAN (SZ) Co‘s founding team has accumulated more than ten years  working experience in the image processing industry. GRANDHAN(SZ) Micro has also established cooperative relationship with the well-known chip manufacturers such as SMIC and Huatian Technology. The large-scale commercial scheme can be easy to be realized with the help of solid supply chain and the advanced core technology.

   In May 2019, GRANDHAN(SZ) Micro taped the first HD(high-definition) video processing chip successfully, in China. The HD video CHIP has passed the reliability test and the production yield. All the parameters of the video chip have reached the international advanced level.

   In June 2019, the HD video chip sales gained more than one million cumulative turnover.

   In September 2019, the Hisense AI camera project was official released. That camera project accepted the technical solution which provided by GRANDHAN(SZ) Micro.

   In 2019, the HD video chip sales achieved a leap-forward growth.

   In the face of the novel coronavirus, 2020, GRANDHAN(SZ) Micro Technology team invested human resource and technology. GRANDHAN(SZ) Micro succeed in both AI human body Temperature measuring instrument research and the mass production in short time. Contribute the GRANDHAN (SZ) Co‘s ability to the success of the fight against this epidemic. 

   In the future, GRANDHAN(SZ) Micro will continue to focus on the field of visual optoelectronics, keep the technical research to further expand domestic market. GRANDHAN(SZ) Micro must become a well-known company in the field of image vision chips,in CHINA.